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Is your Cryptocurrency Safe?

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Financial Loss

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Vulnerable Endpoints

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Insufficient Security

What is PKO?

Pukao Global’s PKO (pronounced /ˈpiːkəʊ/) is a secure cryptocurrency ecosystem to protect digital assets against online threats and hacking attacks.

How does PKO work?

The PKO Ecosystem aims to solve the problems of security threats and vulnerabilities with digital assets including cryptocurrencies.

The Pko Ecosystem consists of advanced security features, secure blockchain, cryptocurrency wallet, and advanced multi-layer security solutions including EDR to monitor for abnormal hacking activities at the user’s endpoints (computers, mobile devices), often the weakest link in the security chain.

Users can also collect and share threat data which is analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning technologies. The intelligent threat data is encrypted and stored in the Pko Blockchain database and then shared with members and partners of the PKO Ecosystem to enhance overall security.

PKO Technology

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Advanced Security

Pko utilizes advanced security solutions to protect user’s endpoints from online threats and hackers.

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Artificial Intelligence

Pko analyzes the shared threat data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology.

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Pko encrypts and stores the analyzed threat data in the secure, decentralized Pko Blockchain database.

PKO Features

Providing a safe and trustworthy cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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EDR Solution

Endpoint Detection & Response

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Flu-Fake Solution

Reverse Replacement & Protection

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PKO Wallet

Integrated Wallet for Atomic Swap


Detection Security

PKO EDR continuously monitors
and detects advanced threats on


Untouchable Protection

PKO Flu-Fake keeps your
digital assets safe and hidden
from hackers


Cutting Edge

Creating a new paradigm of
security technology designed
to protect cryptocurrencies and
digital assets.


Real-time Alert

Once threat data is analyzed, PKO users
are notified of abnormal behaviors on
endpoints, computers, mobile devices.


Simple & Easy to Use

Simple set-up and use of features
to protect your digital assets.


Fast Speed

No effects to performance. No
encryption/decryption method

PKO Reward System

Users are rewarded with PKO Tokens for collecting and sharing critical threat intelligence data which will be shared with members and partners including security companies, government, financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges.

Pko Token Usage


Pko Wallet




Threat Data


Token Transfer





About Pukao Global

Pukao Global combines the unique experience and know-how of IT Security and White Hacking techniques to detect advanced threats in real-time and secure digital assets and cryptocurrencies.







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This is an introduction video of technologies to be used in PUKAO GLOBAL

Our Team


Seok-Chul Kwon


Seok Chul Kwon is a pioneer in IT security has been involved in viruses and hacking as a white hacker for over 20 years. Mr. Kwon has been recognized by many IT security industry awards and often appears in the media as an IT security expert.
Mr. Kwon also serves as the CEO of Cuvepia Corporation focused on hacking and cybersecurity solutions and services.
Prior to that, Mr. Kwon founded HAURI Co., Ltd. and developed the computer antivirus program, "ViRobot". He successfully grew HAURI in Korea as well as overseas offices in Silicon Valley, United States, Europe, Latin America, and other Asia countries. Hauri was listed on KOSDAQ stock exchange.


Seok-Jin Kang


Seok Jin Kang he has been involved in business management, operations, and sales at Ssang Yong Information, which is the first IT service company in Korea, for the past 20 years with various IT security companies. Mr. Kang is responsible for the Pukao Global’s networking and IR as a Director of the Sales and Operations.
Mr. Kang received his degree in Accounting at DongGuk University.


Eric Kwon

Overseas Operation CIO

Eric Kwon is currently the Pukao Global CIO, Overseas as well as the CEO/Founder of INNObjects, an IT security company based in Silicon Valley, U.S.
Mr. Kwon has experience as technical support, innovation, and management in Korea, Europe, and the U.S. (Silicon Valley) corporations including KLA-Tencor and many other global companies for more than 10 years. Mr. Kwon later served as CEO for 4 years at Global HAURI Co, Ltd. based in Silicon Valley from 2002. He has gained various global experiences in the security industry including partnership contracts with Microsoft, Phoenix Technologies and achieved the procurement to US federal government and Mexico federal government.
Based on his experience in the global IT, Security and Privacy Protection industry for over 25 years, Mr. Kwon has been teaching IT entrepreneurship and mentoring in Silicon Valley and S. Korea as an adjunct professor of IT and Entrepreneurship Department at Handong Global University since 2015. He also co-founded the nonprofit organization, 'KreateAll Institute', which aims to change the place where students live through computer coding education and entrepreneurship. Through lectures and interviews, Mr. Kwon also educates parent/youth on the prevention and treatment of Internet and smartphone addiction.
Mr. Kwon received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Inha University.


Don Lee

Overseas Operation CMO

Don Lee has over 15 years experience in sales, business development and marketing management roles at IT security companies based in Silicon Valley. Mr. Lee has experience developing and leading marketing strategies including successful partnerships with Amazon and Fry's Electronics throughout North and South America.
Recently, Don co-founded ‘KreateAll Institute’, a nonprofit that helps students learn the basics of computer coding and entrepreneurship and create innovative products and companies. He hopes students to grow into leaders who can positively impact their professions and society with ethical and professional standards and values.
He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Hawaii and is a member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) in Silicon Valley.


Young-Nam Choi


Young Nam Choi is a security expert with many years of experience in the IT industry from server and network operations to hardware and circuit development. From high school, he was stand out at KOI (Korea Olympiad in Informatics), SW Vulnerability Detection Competitions and Hacking Defense Contests. After that, he worked as a researcher at UD Cosmo and focused on security diagnosis, hacking and security technology research for finance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and government institutions. Mr. Choi has accumulated abundant development experience through infiltration diagnosis service and technology research during his 8 years at Cuvepia. Currently, he oversees Cuvepia’s KWON-GA product development and became an expert of EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) technology applied to PUKAO Global.


Sung-Hoon Jung

Lead Developer

Sung Hoon Jung is an information security specialist and expert on network, system, wireless, and web hacking security. Mr. Jung is a firewall and NAC engineer and gained extensive security experience supporting the development of several Korean government organization infrastructures including Korea Urban Development Corporation, Korean Transportation Corporation. He is currently involved in the design related to the PKO Blockchain MainNet.
Mr. Jung received his degree in Information Security.


Jong-Won Lee

Lead Developer

Jong Won Lee is an information security expert and winner of several hacking security championships while in high school including a finalist at the International Hacking Competition. Mr. Lee studied information security and currently promoting awareness of security issues at various information security seminars focused on research on hacking and countermeasures. In addition to hacking and security, Mr. Lee is also an expert in server and network operations. He is involved in several projects at PUKAO GLOBAL as a project manager of Atomic Swap development for the PKO Blockchain MainNet.


Sung-Kyum Kim

Developer (Network)

Sung Kyum Kim is an expert in system and network security. He is fluent in Linux, Unix, and networking, and has extensive experience with web and server operations. Mr. Kim is participating in the network configuration and design of PKO Blockchain MainNet.


Seong-Min Woo

Developer (Application)

Seong Min Woo is an expert in C / C ++ programming and has experience in various projects developing and applying data transmission/reception algorithm through the smartphone headphone jack using Manchester code. He has developed and launched iOS and Android applications for the thermo meter of smartphone connection type and experienced in the development of Objective-C/Swift iOS and Java Android applications while developing toys using Arduino and development of plug-in for Bluetooth communication between Arduino and iOS/Android. He is developing PKO Block Chain MainNet application.


Jae-Won Lim

Developer (Planning)

Jae Won Lim is a computer engineering student at Dongguk University and is actively engaged in information security. Mr. Im has worked on the 'Inspection of Embedded Device Security through Firmware Vulnerability Analysis' project at BoB, MSP (Microsoft Student Partners) developer activities, and various research and security consulting services in the Freedom Software Association. Mr. Im has authored several papers including ‘The Proposal for the Development of Information Security Personnel in the Defense Field’ and ‘The Proposal of a Distributed Management Platform for Vulnerabilities using Ethereum dApp system’.


Geun-Won Choi


Geun Won Choi is an Engineer in charge of middleware development and operation at the Security Technology Research Center. He has created a configuration management system that can build and distribute in middleware packaging method through Docker. He is now developing products that are friendly to customers' needs such as development and visualization of a time series database monitoring system. Exceptional in programming from the youth, experienced in Mechatronics Application Development, Home networking and PCB board development, awarded a bronze medal in information technology area at the International Functional Olympics when he was in high school. He joined our team to maintain the stable server operation managed by Pukao Global.


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