Hello everyone, this is PukaoGlobal.

We have heard there is a deposit & withdrawal problem with IDAX exchange. So we have decided to compensate our holders only those who certify their current PKO holdings on the IDAX Exchange by one-on-one.

The reason we are quickly announcing our compensation plan is to respond as quickly as possible to ensure that as many of you are compensated without any damage due to concerns about the server downing of IDAX exchange. Holders are encouraged to complete the certification process in accordance with the form below.

Please attach three snapshots to your email for full authentication. We would like to remind you that only those who have completed all the certification procedures notified by the management will receive compensation. This is to inform you that if you are caught falsifying your holdings, your compensation payment itself may be rejected and you can be liable to legal responsibility. Thank you.

– Compensation certification period: 12/2 (Monday) to 12/13 (Friday)

– Compensation schedule: Review the internal details of the certification and proceed sequentially

-Compensation authentication mail address: pko_cps@pukaoglobal.io

– Compensation certification form
1. Investor name/phone number:
2. Personal encryption wallet address:
3. PKO Deposit Address of IDAX exchange:
4. PKO Withdrawal Address of IDAX:
5. 1 snapshot of PKO Deposit History, 1 snapshot of PKO Withdrawal history, 1 snapshot of PKO Holding details. (All snapshots must be taken with your paper IDAX with an account and a date of authentication)

[PKO IDAX 持有量 补偿公布]

大家好, 我们是PUKAOGLOBAL。 对此次事件, 我方就决定向在iDaks交易所上目前持有PKO Coin的投资者进行补偿,

之所以我们迅速公布补偿计划,就是因为担心IDAX GLOBAL交易所的务器瘫痪,导致PUKAOGLOBAL投资者的金钱损失,因此,为使尽可能多的人无损失地获得补偿。

为彻底认证,需在邮件中附上三张快照。 向完整我司所公布的认证程阶段的投资者进行补偿。 如发现持有量伪造行为,补偿申请就会遭到拒绝。 谢谢。

-补偿认证期间: 12/2 (周一) ~ 12/13 (周五)
-支付日程: 对认证内容进行内部审阅后依次进行
-补偿认证邮箱地址: pko_cps@pukaoglobal.io
1. 投资者全名/手机号 :
2. 个人加密货币钱包地址 :
3. IDAX PKO 存款地址 :
4. IDAX PKO 取款地址 :
5. PKO 存款记录的快照 1张, PKO 持有现状的快照1张 (所有快照需与本人的IDAX账号和写着有认证日期的纸一起拍照。)