What is PKO?

What is PKO?

The PKO Ecosystem aims to solve the problems of security threats and vulnerabilities with digital assets including cryptocurrencies.The Pko Ecosystem consists of advanced security features, secure blockchain, cryptocurrency wallet, and advanced multi-layer security solutions including EDR to monitor for abnormal hacking activities at the user’s endpoints (computers, mobile devices), often the weakest link in the security chain.Users can also collect and share threat data which is analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning technologies. The intelligent threat data is encrypted and stored in the Pko Blockchain database and then shared with members and partners of the PKO Ecosystem to enhance overall security.

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PKO offers the following environments

EDR Solution

Flu-Fake Solution

PKO Wallet

Token Economy

All users participating in the PKO ecosystem will use the PKO integrated wallet and security including EDR. Therefore, by using EDR security feature, threat data is automatically generated, and users are rewarded based on the relevance of the security data collected and shared with the PKO ecosystem. After an attacking threat is detected, threat intelligence data related to the incident are stored using EDR security. The data collected can be used by all participants in the PKO ecosystem for a more secure environment. In case threat data is purchased, the user who collected specific data is eligible to receive incentive rewards. During the purchasing process, the data is evaluated for its value, and the rewards are determined accordingly. The data’s valuation is determined in the PKO platform, and the optimal prices are calculated by using machine learning with information based on the level of data demand, supply, data volume, coin volume, rare value and time, etc. Also, the act of creating fake data to exploit the system is strictly controlled and prohibited. Users will be suspended when suspicious activity is detected.

Token Sale

Tech Advisors

Founders & Team



Among the total 1.5 Billion PKO Tokens issued, 45% or 675 Million will be for sale.

8% of PKO Token will be assigned to Tech Advisors8% of PKO Token will be assigned to Strategic Partners14% of PKO Token will be assigned to Founders and Team Members25% of PKO Token will be used for Reserve


Chun-Sik Park

Professor of Ajou Univ.

  • (ex) Director of NSTRI
  • (ex) Professor of SWU

Jung-Ho Park

Security Specialist

  • Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering from Hanyang University.
  • (ex) CEO of HAURI Co., Ltd.,
  • (ex) Vice President of SGA Solutions
  • (ex) Vice President of KISA

Kei Choi

CEO of Nurilab co.

  • (ex) co-founder of HAURI, CTO of HAURI
  • (ex) CSO at Inca Internet in Korea
  • founder and CEO of Nurilab Co.
  • specialist at the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in Korea
  •  professor of Cyber Forensic in the Information Security Department at Dongguk University.

Simon Choi

Founder of CWIC

  • Advisor at NIS, MND, NPA


SeokChul Kwon


SeokJin Kang


Eric Kwon

Overseas Operation CIO

Don Lee

Overseas Operation CMO

YoungNam Choi


SungHoon Jung

Lead Developer

Jongwon Lee

Lead Developer

JinYoung Kim

Strategy & Planning

SungKyum Kim

Network Developer

SeongMin Woo

Applicaion Dev

JaeWon Lim


GeunWon Choi


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