New Paradigm of Security

What is PKO

PUKAOGLOBAL’s PKO is a secure cryptocurrency ecosystem to protect digital assets against online theats and hacking attackes.

How does PKO work?

PKO Ecosystem aims to solve the problems of security threats and vulnerablilties with digieal assets including cryptocurrency, exchanges, and wallets.


Providing a safe and trustworthy cryptocurrency ecosystem

EDR Solution

Endpoint Detecion & Response

Flu-Fake Solution

Reverse Replacement & Protection

PKO Wallet

Integrated wallet for Atomic Swap

Detection Security

Detection of known and unknown threats including backdoor by monitoring of files, network, and processes.

Easy to Use

simple features to use and protect your digital assets.

Fast Speed

No effects to performance. No encryption/decryption method

Simple Setup

straight forward installation and settings


Flu-Fake technology keeps your digital assets safe and hidden from hackers.

Unique Soluiton

PUKAOGLOBAL creates a new paradigm with world's best secyrity for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

PKO token usage

the collected threat information, after being analyzed, will be shared or purchased by members and partners of pukaoglobal. by repeating this process, it will be helpful for developing new products and services to strengthen the security in the related industries.

Tokenized Reward system

Users are reworded with PKO tokens for collecting and sharing critical threat intelligence data which will be shared with members and partners including security companies, government, financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges.

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new paradigm of security